The Mission

Changed by His Love—Challenged by His Life

This is our way of capturing in a simple and memorable phrase what it is that Jesus Christ asked His followers to be and do.

Changed by His Love
The Gospel is life changing. The Good News is that God loves us in spite of ourselves. That no matter what we have done, where we have been or how we have acted, the Cross of Jesus Christ says — I love you. We have found that simple message can change our lives forever!

Challenged by His Life
But when we are changed by that love, we are then challenged to live a new kind of life. The attitudes, habits and actions of the past are seen for what they are — rebellion against the one who made us.

Once we are in a love relationship with God, through His son, Jesus Christ, our desires change. We want to leave our past behind and start on a new path, and that is challenging. But with God's help and the encouragement of a church family, you find you become more and more of what God intended you to be.

A Simple but Challenging Mission

So God changes us, but He also challenges us to live to our full potential in Christ. It is our goal as a church to present that message so that many will come to know of God's love and live a life that honors the Lord Jesus Christ.

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