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Naples News, October 2010
Simcosky, who has performed more than 500 baptisms, said that some people come back to the church when they get older... “There’s always something in a person’s heart that makes them want to get back to something solid and true,” Simcosky said.
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Beach Baptisms, Naples Pier, July 2009
Our beach baptism on July 12 was highlighted in the Neopolitan section of the Naples Daily News on Monday, July 27.
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Alabama Baptists respond to Wilma’s devastation, November 2005
Alabama Baptists have once again answered the call to action, sending teams to help in the Southern Baptist disaster relief response to Hurricane Wilma. Click here to read the full news article (PDF).

Florida Baptist Witness, November 2005
A Southern Baptist Disaster Relief crew works at East Naples Baptist Church on October 28 covering with tarps parts of several roofs damaged as a result of Hurricane Wilma. Click here to read the full news article (PDF).

Naples Daily News, September 2005
"Like clockwork, every Monday morning, a new message appears on the announcement sign at the East Naples Baptist Church, on the corner of Shadowlawn and Davis Blvd. The board usually has something clever to say in an attempt to lead you to God, while you lead yourself around town.

-- 'When we choose to follow Jesus, our whole life changes direction.'

Gerald Douglas, 90, has been diligently changing the sign the past three years. An important job considering thousands of people pass by it every week." Click here to read the full news article, featured in the Neopolitan section (PDF).

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