Small Groups

Activating God Space
Sharing The Message without Ticking Others Off

There are two things to not talk about – ever! Politics and religion! It seems everyone is on edge about everything these days. Our culture is more polarized then ever. We are in our camps and we are right. And everybody else is wrong.  But not many are being converted from one way of thinking to another. Our conversations are more heat than light.  If you would like to change the equation and have more positive conversations about crucial issues, then Activating God Space is for you.  In six sessions we will explore together how we can relate more positively to those around us. Whether it be in your family, at work, in the neighborhood or everyday exchanges with those around you, we will learn how and why Jesus was so effective in relating to those he ministered to. This six session series begins Sunday, 6 pm, April 30, and concludes July 9th.  The book is $10.  If you can't afford a book you can have one.  Everyday we have the opportunity to show others what the Kingdom of God is all about.  Let's learn how to be effective in connecting others to the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

We will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday evenings at 6:00p.m.


(6 PM at church for Activating God Space Study
 and Vacation Bible School)

April 30 – Creating God Space – Introduction  P. 9-33

May 7 – Beach Baptism 7 pm, just north of the Naples Pier

May 14 – Mother’s Day  Enjoy the evening with family

May 21 – God Space – Noticing  p. 34-42

May 28 – Memorial Weekend  Enjoy the evening with others

June 4 – God Space – Serving p. 43-52

June 11 – God Space – Listening p. 53-64

June 18 – Father’s Day  Enjoy the evening with family

June 25 – East Naples Baptist Church  Special Event

July 2 - God Space - Wondering  p. 65-74 

July 9 – God Space – Telling Stories p. 75-127

Adults will study The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel



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